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Joint Pain

Any kind of pain in the body is caused by this vitiated Vat dosh or vitiated Rakt (blood). The major cause of pain in the body is Vat dosh. ( वेदना वातात् ऋते नास्ति ।).) Vat is the most important component of our body and it controls all the movements in our body like we walk, talk, run due to Vat dosh. Even the movement of our intestine, heart and body fluids is controlled by vat dosh. Dryness and cold are the main qualities of Vat dosh. Due to excessive Traveling, stress, grief, surgery, child birth, late night activity, irregular schedules, suppression of natural urges, excessive exercise, work or sex, and a dry/rough/raw diet are common aggravating factors for vitiation of this Vat dosh.

When this vitiated Vat dosh settles in the joints, muscles, and vertebrae, it causes various symptoms such as joint pain, numbness of the of the limbs, pricking pain like in the muscles, feeling of numbness in the limbs or any part of the body. These symptoms are frequently accompanied by indigestion and flatulence. This is because Vat dosh is formed in the last part of the digestive tract i.e. in the Large intestine, where the feces is formed.

In order to control this Vat dosh vitiated due to this environment and diet, it is useful to apply lubricating oils, hot treatment such as lubrication (Snehan) and sweating (Swedan) against the dry and cold properties of the Vat dosh.

Follow a Vata-pacifying Lifestyle.

  • Favor warm beverages
  • Food should be warm, freshly prepared and unctuous
  • Cook with liberal amounts of sesame oil. Ghee, butter, olive oil and coconut oil are also good.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeinated beverages, and chocolate
  • Avoid raw or gas-forming vegetables (broccoli family) and large beans (black beans, pinto bean, etc.)
  • Get to bed before 10 PM
  • Maintain a regular daily routine
  • Avoid taking bath with cold water, avoid drinking cold water. USe hot water for drinking and bathing.
  • Do Nasya daily (2 drops twice in both nostrils)
  • Lunch should be done before 11 am and dinner before 8 pm at night.
  • Do not suppress natural urges like urges of defecation, urination, etc.
  • Avoid sleeping in day time.
  • Avoid Awaking in night.
  • Apply medicated oil on the painful body part gently. Do hot fomentation as per guidance of Ayurvedic Doctor.
  • Avoid over exercise, avoid swimming in cold water.

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