Height gain

Height Gain

Do you want to increase your height with the help of Ayurveda ?

Is your child is having less height in the class ?

Do you think your child is not growing properly ?

If yes. Then we are there to help you. We give very easy and effective Ayurvedic remedy for increasing height.

Many parents are worried about growth of there children. They are trying to give their children complete nutrition. For this they follow advertisements like complain, bornvita, etc. Which assures you to give complete nutrition.

But Ayurveda has a little different thinking in this. You may not need extra nutrition. You might need the digestive capacity to assimilate the provided nutrition.

Ayurveda always emphasis on digestion. Agni is very much important in ayurvedic treatment. In marathi there is a popular saying that अग्नी जर चांगला असेल तर दगड माती सुद्धा पचेल. Meaning if your Agni i.e. digestive power is good then you can digest rocks and sand too.

Here in Vishwaswasthya we offer following courses tobenhance height of your child.

Basic Course:
We offer some specialised diet, Ayurvedic Medicines & some Yoga posture and exercise.

Advanced course:
In this we offer some special treatments from pancha karma Like Basti, Nasya, etc. alongwith specialised diet, Ayurvedic Medicines & some Yoga posture and exercise.

Course Duration : 3 month.
(If you get desired results then you can repeat the course)

(Age limit Applicable)

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