Garbh Sanskar

Garbha Sanskar is the part of Sixteen sanskar of Indian culture. It is a Sanskrit term which means ‘Education of Garbh in the womb’, imbedding good values ( sanskar ) in the fetus. Garbh sanskar is a complete protocol for maternal care from planning of conception till delivery of healthy baby.

It is traditionally believed that child’s mental and behavioral development starts as the time from he is conceived. Its personality begins to take shape in the womb, and this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during her pregnancy. Garbh sanskar is the special effort taken from outside to stimulate baby’s sense gently for maximum development of its physical and intellectual ability. It develops bond between mother and child. It prevents complication during pregnancy. All procedure of garbhasanskara helps in every stage for all around development of a healthy, beautiful, social, smart, intelligent, courageous, progeny with longevity.

During this pregnancy period whatever emotional perceptions a woman experiences, the same are transmitted to the Garbh. The process of selecting and transmitting positive influences by means of yoga, reading, thinking, praying, listening of music, including healthy (satvik) eating, meditation and cheerful behavior is known as Garbha sanskar.

In Mahabharat there is well known mythological story as to how Lord Krishna had taught Abhimanyu to enter in ‘chakravyuha’ when he was in his mother Subhadra’s womb. This story too proves the fact that people during mythological period too believed the concept of Garbha Sanskar.

There is scientific evidence that support the practices of Garbha Sanskar and its effect on unborn child. Modern studies have proved that a fetus can respond to external stimulus. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by mothers’ thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb.

To compete in todays overgrowing population and resulting race, we need that our future generation needs to be very intelligent and creative. The young couple desiring to become parents would like to take advantage of Garbha Sanskar for their forth coming baby in making it into ‘precious baby’. Now the people are getting the importance of Garbha Sanskar. The ancient concept of having many children become outdated. Now days it becomes necessary to bring single child in sophisticated form so that it makes you proud by its extraordinary and all round qualities.

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